The Venkatesh Group empowers farmers with the most relevant farming agricultural technology and connect them to the market, so they get better returns.


Sukhayu Agro is formed to support the farming industry of the country. Agriculture is one of the most profound pillars of the Indian economy, and Sukhayu Agro wants to strengthen the pillar with top-quality raw materials such as seeds, pesticides, and manure. At the same time, we provide skill training to farmers to encourage them to farm different kinds of profitable vegetation and grains.

Supporting the farmers is our primary aim, and thus we render expert guidance for unique farming ideas and technical support such as water and soil testing. Plant inspections with demonstrations are also arranged to improve the farming skills of the farmers. To get better returns to the farmer we also provide procurement and processing service.


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Best management

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Our main aim is to work with companies and provide them with a helping hand for speedy growth and excellent outcomes.

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