When people have more access to healthcare, they have greater opportunities to live healthier, happier lives.


One of our main goals is to reduce health care costs by focusing on preventive care instead of relying exclusively on treatments after the disease has occurred. The Venkatesh Group is working towards this goal by focusing on rural areas committed to improving healthcare facilities and helping them with nutrition, food, and keeping their body healthy for better living.


Blood Donation Camp 


Our health is our most valuable asset. Nowadays due to our hectic lifestyles, We neglect minor health complaints. However, it has major consequences. On the occasion of any of The Venkatesh Group’s organizations’ anniversaries, health check-ups and eye check-up activities are conducted at the local branch level. Camps are held on a regular basis to encourage people to donate blood.


Doctors Honor


Any prize or honor is a recognition of good efforts that motivates us to do even more. Every year, The Venkatesh Group honors the doctors who are available to help patients at all hours of the day and night.

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