The Venkatesh Group is in online financial services which helps to make finance available at the fingertips for every earning individual of India.


Deals of Loan is a fintech phygital company started with the aim of making the complete loan process 100% digital as easy as possible so that every individual can have access to credit easily. We believe the way we have used our technology which will help everyone to meet their financial requirement in just one click.

Being in the financial sector we have provided a single platform where people will get access to all kinds of loan products i.e Personal loans, Business loans, Home loans, Mortgage Loans. Deals of Loan operates in PAN India and has 50,000 plus partners.


The only vision of Deals of Loan is to focus on comprehensive growth on rural development, Small and Medium Enterprises through capital and industry best practices.

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Best management

Blossoming tree of Venkatesh Group

Our main aim is to work with companies and provide them with a helping hand for speedy growth and excellent outcomes.

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