Insightful Analysis

Desire to invest in some sector in your company you need to analyze the market and product demand very carefully.

Business Advantages

You are independent and can think about your own way when and where to work, learning opportunities and personal satisfaction.

Global Thinking

As a business owner you can think about your business, which way the world is moving and which direction you need to go.

Globaly renowned & trusted

Helping Businesses and Citizens Grow Remarkably

Venkatesh Group is one the fastest growing industrial groups playing a vital role in building people, providing more and more employment opportunities, and helping emerging businesses for a great start and existing businesses to grow faster. It is working in various fields and contributing through social entrepreneurship.

  • Offering more Job opportunities

    Our group aims to provide people with job opportunities in many different sectors including Finance, Agriculture, Cooperation, Services, Educational, Social, Infrastructure, Media, etc.
  • Helping Businesses grow

    Supporting industries and empowering all businesses, from villages to cities, helping them grow and manage under the experts having excellent knowledge about the market and industries.

Best management

Blossoming tree of Venkatesh Group

Our main aim is to work with companies and provide them with a helping hand for speedy growth and excellent outcomes.









Chairman's Corner

Our Contribution to the Society

We are grateful to society, and we understand our responsibility of giving back to it in every possible way. We aim to extend our complete support in different areas like health, education, budding entrepreneurs, and the overall empowerment of our society. We believe in kindness, and that’s what we do through all our prime initiatives.

Abhinath Shinde

Chairman, The Venkatesh Group

A 830 X 453
Globaly trusted

Our Recent Projects

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Our Blogs & Recognitions

You can find more about us through the latest News and Updates about our work and information about business management and how do we help growing industries. Stay updated through our Blog section.

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