Founded by The Venkatesh Group in 2013 A Cooperative credit society provides financial services to women living in rural areas to empower them.


People who live in rural areas do not enjoy the same financial facilities as those who live in urban and semi-urban regions. They have to travel miles to get to banks and ATMs, and banks are few and far between, resulting in limited or no access to basic banking services. In addition, there are fewer businesses in rural areas because of fewer people living there, which makes it difficult for rural citizens to find jobs that will provide them with financial resources to be able to use banks.


Our banking service includes loans, deposits, saving accounts and current accounts, and many more facilities for people in rural areas. For a better banking experience, we offer various schemes and modern technology facilities to customers.

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Our main aim is to work with companies and provide them with a helping hand for speedy growth and excellent outcomes.

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