The Venkatesh Group empowers people to be entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge and experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship.


We are conducting programs that educate people about various plans and growth ideas which teach them many business techniques. We provide mentors to guide people through the whole journey of entrepreneurship and ensure that they don’t give up or go astray in their pursuit of success. We believe that everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur if he/she follows the right approach to realize his/her goals.




Youth is the heroes of tomorrow. they define the future of the country. For this, the Venkatesh Foundation has started a revolution to help youth to do business. We help startups and support them with all kinds of financial needs, and technical guidance from successful entrepreneurs.


Women Empowerment 


Women are equals to men. It is necessary to empower women and respect the power of women. The Venkatesh Group provides skill development training to the women, supports them for business. We help them with the marketplace platform for the women to launch their products online and support them to become financially independent.

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