The Venkatesh Group started nation centric journey to empower people and nation.


The Venkatesh Group was established not only for financial turnover but also for building people. We have only one goal, i.e., social entrepreneurship. We aim and vision to provide thousands of people with employment opportunities and work with people and help them start or grow their own businesses.


The Venkatesh Group is united for growth and helps people to move forward, start successful businesses or grow their existing businesses through social entrepreneurship. We are working in many different sectors like Finance, Agriculture, Cooperation, Services, Educational, Social, Infrastructure, Media, etc., and entering more and more areas at a fast pace.


We are trying our best to contribute in the economic growth of nation to make a cheerful and optimistic India. We are moving on the right path to turn our vision into success and increase the overall growth of struggling and non-privileged people.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help the unprivileged and the less wealthy ones get enriched, raise their living standards, and provide equal opportunities.

Our Vision

We have a vision of enriching our country by helping businesses and citizens.

Values & Purpose

Integrity – Perform every task ethically, transparently, impartially, and consistently.


Unity – Adhering to social principles with a sense of unity and making progress with others.


Quality – To work with quality and quality with the pursuit of excellence and sophistication.


Competence – Striving for the overall competence of all and contributing to the creation of a prosperous India.


Belief – Building, nurturing, and enhancing trust.

Our Leadership One Vision One Team

Our Founders

The power of teamwork is the major factor behind the success of any organization. The key to our success lies in our leadership, which motivates every member of the team to be at their best and work for a common purpose.

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